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NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone Review & Swatches (Pictures Heavy)

Eyeshadow primer or base is a life saver for those underperforming eyeshadows especially for the matte ones. Applying matte eyeshadows could be tricking as problems with being chalky or too powdery and more fallout, sigh. Eventually I'd end up with almost none product on the eyelid even when I keep adding more. So I decided to get an eyeshadow primer or base. There are many great high end eyeshadow primers out there but of course great thing comes on the pricey side. I wanted an affordable product and works on me at the same time. Finally I decided to try on NYX Eyeshadow Base because the price tag is reasonable but how about the performance?

NYX Eyeshadow Base comes in a small plastic pot container similar to Maybelline Color Tattoo pots but the only difference is Color Tattoo container is made of glass, correct me if I'm wrong because I don't own any Color Tattoo yet :3

This product is small enough to fit into my handbag and since the container is made from plastic, I found that it's travel-friendly too if you happened to bring one along your trip. The packaging is very straight forward, just open the white lid and take the product with your ring finger to apply onto eyelid.

There are 3 choices of base color which are White, White Pearl and Skin Tone. The White version is to give a super vibrant pigmentation to eyeshadow, I'd guess it does similar job to its sister Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil. The White Pearl is suppose to give a metallic finish to the eyeshadow and the Skin Tone is a neutral base, pretty much for all eyeshadows. This base helps to intensify the eyeshadow and preventing creasing throughout the day.

The texture of this base is creamy, smooth and very easy to blend out even with finger. I got Skin Tone base for everyday use and it still has the power to bring out the eyeshadow potential to pop more color than in its original state. Skin Tone is a beige with peachy undertone color and it suits my medium skin tone perfectly. I usually apply the base all over my eyelid and blend it out until it becomes transparent, then start to apply eyeshadows with brushes.

As the product matches my skin tone so well,  it looks transparent on my eyelid but I doubt it would look ashy on darker skin tone. I think this Skin Tone base is still workable for all skin tones and way better to use for a neutral look rather than using a harsh looking white base. Even though I mention it looks transparent on my skin, well I can't say it has a sheer finish because it's very opaque when I swatch directly onto skin without blending it out. I wore this base together with my eyeshadows and there was no creasing going on my eyelids for 6-7 hours. I have non oily eyelids but I do experience minimal creasing due to hot and humid weather here without eyeshadow base. 

It helps my eyeshadows to be more vibrant especially matte eyeshadows. I had done a swatches comparisons on some of stubborn matte eyeshadows that won't show up well without a primer or base. Scroll down to see the amazing result from wearing this base!

Texture is creamy, smooth, opaque and goes on transparent with blending on medium skin tone. 

The color of product is beige with peachy undertone. 

This picture doesn't do justice to the actual product shade.

I love to swatch my eyeshadows over NYX Eyeshadow Base. 

It's very fun to see a big difference of this base could do to the weak eyeshadows :)

Can you guess?

Answer will be at the end of this post :)

Here are some swatches comparison of matte eyeshadows over the NYX eyeshadow base.

Click image to enlarge the size.

The base intensify the eyeshadows to be very vibrant.

Original swatches of eyeshadows from Curacao Palette

Original swatches of eyeshadows from Monaco Palette

Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone

Brand: NYX

Origin: Made in China

Capacity: 6 grams (0.21oz)

Price: $6.00 USD*


The base shade matches my medium skin tone perfectly.

It does what it says, intensify the eyeshadows even the powdery, the chalky, the weak ones.

The eyeshadow stays on vibrantly with this base.

It helps to prevent creasing up to 7 hours on my non oily eyelids.

The product is creamy, smooth and opaque.

It's very easy to blend out the product even with finger.

The container is small, easy to carry around.

The product price is reasonable.

The amount of product would last me a long time as small amount is needed every time.

I have nothing against this product. I like everything about this base :)

I just don't like the shipping charge on getting this product.

You're looking for a cheaper eyeshadow base or primer alternative that really does the job.

You want a eyeshadow base to intensify eyeshadow colors and helps to stay longer.

You want a neutral color eyeshadow base.

You think it's not hygienic to take the product using finger.

It might appear ashy on dark skin tone.

You have the same rant over international shipping charge.

I love everything about this product, the only reason I don't like is the shipping charge on getting this all the way from States. The shipping charge costs way more than this eyeshadow base itself, no kidding. Luckily this base does an excellent job to intensify and it helps my eyeshadows to stay on longer than without it. So far I love this base and I don't find any reason to try on other brands. I highly recommend on this eyeshadow base for awesome quality and price! Hope this review is helpful and let me know your favorite eyeshadow base or primer.

* Price excludes international shipping charge.

Answer: The right side of my eye had the NYX eyeshadow base prior to eyeshadow application. I'm sure all of you got this right! Congratulation :)

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