miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

FOTD Tutorial: Blue & Teal Eye Makeup

Hi girls, today I'm just going to share a simple look created with Miss Rose palette that I have reviewed here.  

Memang best lah palette nie sis. Wangi and murah pulak tuh! hehe...

I had choose to go for a blue and teal look. I'm in hurry so only a few pics here... I've listed the colors I had been using from the palette...So check it out dolls! :)

The look...

Review: Silky Girl Natural Brow Pencil

A perfect and moderately arched pair of eyebrows is always a
dream to achieve for every makeup junkie. We do not want it to look untidy or over
trimmed and end up looking like evil stepmother of Snow White right?

So today I would like to review about a simple brow pencil
called Silky Girl Natural Brow Pencil. The brow pencil comes in two shades
which are 'Soft Black' and 'Dark Brown'. I bought the 'Soft Black' last year and
bought the Dark Brown recently for RM 8.91 ($2.90 USD) at Watson’s. 

Silky Girl Natural Brow Pencil

FOTD Tutorial: I Feel Green Eye Makeup

I just feel to do some green eye makeup today. I love green color but I rarely wear green eye shadow. It looks okay on me, maybe just not my preference I guess. So yeah take a look how green eye makeup looks on me... :)

The look...

FOTD Tutorial: Glamour Dinner Makeup Guide

When you are getting nearer to an annual dinner event, you keep thinking about what you should wear and of course worried about your makeup! I had been in that chaos before and believe me it was not cool at all. Let's jump straight to the happy moment...dinner makeup topic! Shall we girls?

The look...

Sometimes a simple stroke of liquid or gel eyeliner would bring such a
different to your eyes. While adding soft shimmering eye shadows closer
to your skin color would add a hint of glamour to your eye.The red lips are your biggest hit...Wear it if you dare, just once *wishing hands gesture*  

lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Blusher, contouring & highlighting your cheeks tutorial

Hi, today I'm going to show you how to wear blusher together with contouring powder and highlighter. The key to proper application is knowing your cheeks structure such as where is your contour line, apple of the cheeks, and upper jaw bone? opps a bit about anatomy huh... It's as easy as 1,2,3 steps and I will guide you to know how to apply the respective products (contouring powder, blusher and highlighter)  to the correct cheek's area. Ok here we go...

1st step...

Smile and there you will realize a line which is the area you should apply contouring powder. Just make a small stroke along the contour line and blend it lightly...As for me, contouring powder should be something matte and perhaps may contain a minimum shimmer.

Suggestion of tool: You can use an angled blush brush.

Suggestion of makeup product: Sleek's makeup face contour kit, NYX blusher in Taupe

FOTD Tutorial: Gyaru Inspired Makeup

Hello dolls! How are you doing today? I hope everyone is happy playing makeup just like me...so today I'm going to share with you an inspired look of gyaru makeup...you know the super innocent makeup which is popular among Japanese girls...

Gyaru makeup focuses on shimmering eyeshadows (usually soft and pastel colors like earthy colors) with little winged or cat eyeliner, falsies and nude or pinkish lips...and owh yes those cute and big cosmetic contact lenses...by the way this is the infamous gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka...isn't she looks so cute?

The tools...


1.Mustika Ratu Pelembab Sekar Tanjung for oily skin.This is a moisturizer. I used this to prep my face before applying  foundation.

2.Mustika Ratu Alas Bedak Tasik Kemuning in Kuning Langsat 1 shade. This is my recent favorite fondation because it's super cheap (RM6 or less than $2) and really suits my skin color!

3.I used foundation stippling brush from Makeupgeek. This is a great brush which gives you a flawless foundation application sort of airbrush finish with no brush streaking effect...love it!

4. Silky Girl Pure Fresh Oil Control 2 way Foundation in Natural shade. I used to set my foundation. Sorry forgot to put this in picture.


1. Sleek's makeup Face Contour Kit in medium shade. I used this for contouring and highlighting. 

2. NYX blusher in Peach


NYX Round Lipstick in Strawberry Milk. I applied this and blotted it with tissue. Then I applied Mac lipstick in Blankety.


1.NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk (used as e/s base)

2.Sleek's makeup Original palette. I used the two colors I marked (no.1 & no.2) in picture.

3.Za cosmetic 10ct eyeshadow in 108 shade (discontinued). I used this color (marked no.3) for highlight my brow bone.

4.Silky Girl Lash Prism mascara in Black.

5.Preciosa Eyebrow Pencil in 03 shade. I used this for brows. 

6.NYX eyebrow pencil in Taupe. I used this too for brows.

7.Silky Girl Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I used this to create winged cat eye.

8.NYX Long Eye Pencil in Brown. This is not so good...go grab your trusted eyeliner ok...I still love my Maybelline eyeliner.

Eyeshadow application...

I applied this pinkish eyeshadow which I marked no.1 all over my eyelid. Then I applied the copper color (no.2 ) starting form outer corner of the eye and bring it inward to blend with the color no.1. Then I just highlight my brow bone with color no.3 from Za cosmetic. I just used sponge tip applicator to get the job done! 

Then I complete it with winged cat eye, mascara and falsies. I really love my Silky Girl mascara as I never change it to other brand because it is great quality and easy to wash off with regular tap water. I used to wear Maybelline mascara but it gets clumpy. You can see how this mascara defines my original lower lashes without getting clumpy. 

Final look...

Glittering and neutral eye with pink nude lips. This look is wearable too for outing! Sorry you can't really see the color of my cheeks as the sunlight shines my face. Actually I don't really like the falsies..but that's all I have... and sadly I do not wear any cosmetic contact lenses as I have astigmatism. I just add the glamor to the eye with Photoshop

I changed my hijab style...I look a bit scary in here right? hehe well till next time dolls!Bye2!

FOTD Tutorial: Fun Pop Blue Makeup

Hi there, I would like to show you my bright side look...it's about pop blue with bright pink lips...this is a fun look and kind of Nicki Minaj wearable version...sometimes we need bright colors to vibe up the spirits!so yeah here's the tutorial...

The eyes...

FOTD Tutorial: Leona Lewis Inspired Look

Hey ladies! Today I want to share with you an inspired look from Leona Lewis's "I got you" music video. I love her eyes in the music video...so here are two pics captured from the music video...

EOTD :Christian Dior Color Block Inspired Look

Hey girls, a couple of days ago I was so into John Galliano's couture collection in his debut runways. I really love how his whimsical models always look like with outrages makeup look...well the person behind this creative makeup is Pat McGrath...she is so talented and one of her creation caught my attention which is in Dior's Fall 2010 runaway show. The main theme was color blocking makeup...I love it and was trying to recreate the look but minus the berry colored lips as I don't own any kind of the shade...take a look girls... 

The inspiration...

My version...

 I used lots of sellotape to trace the shape sharply and easily. I applied green, lime green, cyan, pink and purple e/s for this look with nude pink lips.

Miss Rose 48 Colors Wet Eyeshadow Review

Hello, how was your holiday? Hope everyone is cheering up and keep playing with makeup...So today I would like to share with you of my recent purchase of eyeshadow which is called Miss Rose 48 Colors Wet Eyeshadow. This palette is so cheap as I bought it for only RM20! Wow isn't it a great bargain for 48 variety of eye shadows? I must say yes if you are looking for cheap stuff...But hey what about its quality? Normally cheap makeup won't give you lasting effect right...and that's what I expected from this palatte.

My first impression: "Haiiya mesti palette ni x berapa berkualiti,tapi x pe lah RM20 banyak color pulak tu..ok je...x berapa menaruh harapan tinggi untuk palette ni" -___- (muke kecewa skit)


But..... (eh berapa banyak but nie???)

But.....I was Wrong!!!

As I applied the colors onto my wrist....The swatches are so beautiful and pigmented !!!! Maybe on the hand looks beautiful. So go for further test on my eyelids...Now this is the moment of truth...

My sister and I wore some of the colors after applied NYX jumbo pencil in Milk and went for retail therapy. I came back after like 7 hours and I checked for my eye makeup condition and hers....

The verdict...

You know what? It still looks fabulous!!!! (I can only see minimal crease out line....but not too obvious)... Sorry I don't have chance to take the picture....but overall I see worth spending money on this palette and plus I love the scented smell of this palette...maybe that's how they came out with the name Miss Rose...ahaha just a guess...So yeah check out the palette pics and I'll be using more colors on this palette for tutorials!!! Enjoy girls!

The colors...

 Beautiful colors...They are all shimmering finish...The color codes is for reference of colors I'll be using in the tutorials as there is no name for each colors.